❤️ The Top Ten Ways to get Instant Arthritis Pain Relief – Part 6 ❤️

❤️ The Top Ten Ways to get Instant Arthritis Pain Relief – Part 6 ❤️


Part 6 of “The Top Ten Ways to get Instant Arthritis Pain Relief”.


Sometimes the best way to relieve pain is not the things we do, but the things we don’t do. Too often, people who suffer from arthritis avoid talking about it as they don’t want to be a burden to anyone else.

While this is understandable to a certain degree, it seems holding back your feelings is also going to be harmful to your body.

It’s been established that those who are more like to hold in their feelings and their anger are also more likely to have troubles with their hearts and with chronic pain. So, it’s not a stretch to believe that those suffering from arthritis might also fit into these studies.

One of the best ways to release some of the pressure and some of the anxiety you feel about pain is to write about it on a daily basis.

Start by finding a journal that is comfortable for you to write in, and then make a daily practice of writing about how you feel, what you are doing about it, and writing about anything else that comes to mind.

This will help you express feelings you might be holding inside, while also allowing your brain a chance to work things out on the page.

Here are some ideas to get your writing started:

• How do I feel about my pain?
If you begin to look at your pain as though it were a person you were dealing with, you might find it’s easier to logically address your feelings and ways to cope with these feelings. Some people have found it helpful to name their pain (Bill, for example) and then talk about ‘Bill’ as though the pain were someone they simply didn’t enjoy being around. This helps to release your tension surrounding the pain without holding it in your muscles and in your gut.

• What’s great about today?
To try to create positive feelings in your day, start looking for all of the things you are happy about during the span of a day. You can do this either at the end of your day or at the beginning of your days to help boost your confidence and your self-esteem. By always looking for what’s so great about each day, you will find more and more positive things to focus your attention on.

• What are my frustrations?
While you deal with pain, you might find there are certain things that frustrate you. Don’t be afraid to write about them and about why they frustrate you so much. Sometimes, just writing about these things can help you feel better and they can help you begin to understand what you might be feeling achy and even grumpy.

• What problems do I need to solve?
One way to begin to feel more in control of your pain and its impact on your life is to write about the problems you might be facing because of your arthritis. By writing them down, you can begin to find ways to solve these problems in a proactive manner. In many cases, you might not have thought to even solve the problem until you write about it.

• How is my emotional health right now?
Since pain can intensify when you are feeling stressed, lonely, or angry, using a journal to write about your emotional health can be helpful in your pain management. By recognizing when you are upset, you can begin to deal with your emotional issues first to see if your pain will subside or become more manageable as a result.

Keep in mind too that your writing is YOUR writing. No one has to read it, so there’s no need to censor what you are saying, why you are saying it, etc. All you need to do is to write on a regular basis to begin to see results.