4 Amazing Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits You’ve Never Heard Of

4 Amazing Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits You’ve Never Heard Of

Today we’re go through the cayenne pepper benefits for health, specifically digestion. Cayenne Pepper is a spicy pepper that is commonly used in cooking as well as in supplements for health benefits.

I’ve talked in the past about how cayenne pepper can help with testosterone and one of the major cayenne pepper benefits is for aiding digestion and weight loss.

Cayenne pepper reduces acidity and stimulates digestion. It has some detoxifying properties similar to something like milk thistle.

Let’s talk about the digestive benefits of cayenne pepper extract.

1. Calm the stomach

2. Get rid of gas

3. Lower stomach pain

4. Can help with cramps

Cayenne pepper stimulates the production of saliva. Saliva is very important because it contains so many enzymes that are essential for digestion. It stimulates the gastric juice in the gut that helps us metabolize food.

Cayenne pepper helps stimulate this saliva production which shuttles these important digestive enzymes down into the gut.

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