5 Minerals for Arthritis Pain

5 Minerals for Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is simply a word that describes pain associated with inflammation and stiffness of joints. While there are many causes to this, the fact is when we alter our internal health for the better we can lower inflammation, increase movement and get our full quality of life back. Typically doctors will look at X-Rays or MRIs and state that if you have normal joint degeneration this constitutes arthritis, which is simply not the case. Changes in the joints that include changes in the shape of joints is fairly normal. In fact many people with no joint changes have joint pain and many times people with severe joint degeneration have no pain and fairly full function.

I find there are two other factors which are much more important: First, our inner environment as it relates to inflammation; and second, our internal stress levels and emotional health.

Magnesium (Mg):
Magnesium is probably most important AND deficient mineral in the modern human and 50-70% of Americans are deficient. Magnesium deficiency directly contributes to inflammation.
Deficiency signals pro-inflammatory chemicals and proteins to activate and wreak havoc on the body. Stress – dietary and emotional – depletes magnesium in the body. Standard American diets are magnesium deficient. When we ingest processed sugars we rapidly deplete Magnesium. Magnesium is needed for healthy blood sugar response, and healthy blood sugar response is needed to combat inflammation.
Lowered magnesium causes more circulating inflammatory chemicals (Interleukins 1 & 6, cytokines, TNF). This causes more pain and more rapid degeneration. Magnesium is massively important in heart health – cholesterol is not the central issue, as once believed. Inflammation is the core issue. Magnesium lowers inflammation and supports heart health. Magnesium deficiency leads to TIGHT muscles and TRIGGER POINTS. Magnesium is needed to rebuild tissues after injury or breakdown. Good food sources:
Organic dark chocolate and cacao, Pasture raised grass fed beef, Spinach, Brazil nuts

Zinc (Zn)
Zinc is so critical and it regulates over 100 processes on body. It has been deemed the endocrine mineral as its critical for hormone balance. Zinc is critical for inflammation and pain reduction. Zinc is a critical antioxidant and helps clean up the inflammatory chemicals that circulate due to stress and poor diet (cytokines and interleukins). It helps us with a HEALTHY inflammatory response by stimulating the immune system – up to 66% with supplementation in one stud. It’s critical for thyroid function, and in my opinion that is critical to optimize in all cases of pain and inflammation. Food Sources: Oysters, Beef, Cacao, Egg Yolk, Liver
Supplement at least 15 MG.

Selenium (Se)
Selenium is a powerful antioxidant. It has been shown to reduce risk of certain types of cancer.
Like magnesium, it helps your heart by reducing inflammation.
Se Increases glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant and inflammation reducer.
Se improves brain health and stops brain degeneration due to inflammation: people with Alzheimer’s have lower levels of selenium.
Like zinc and magnesium its critical for healthy thyroid function which is critical in an overall healthy body.Se, like Zn, Stimulates the proper function of your immune system. Se reduces inflammation in asthma and sinusitis.
Food sources – Brazil nuts, Oysters, Shiitake mushrooms, Chicken, Eggs, Sardines

Boron (B)
Mostly known for its effect on bones, yet it is so much more. B is CRITICAL for hormone balance for men and women and thus critical for healing pain and balancing your mindset. B plays a very important role in turning inflammation off and has been shown to Reduce C Reactive protein (an inflammatory protein in the body that causes damage). We are often deficient because of the deficient soil that would provide this in our food supply.
It helps you absorb magnesium, and so it is critical in health. B helps protects our bodies against toxins. Can be protective against some cancers.
B is abundant avocados, berries, plums, oranges and grapes

Chromium (Cr)
THIS is NOT one we would generally think of for inflammation, however it is a game changer. Inflammation, blood sugar problems, and pain often go together. To optimize our inflammation, we need to optimize blood sugar. It is so helpful with inflammation because of its role in regulating blood sugar. This, in turn, helps with weight loss, energy, and healing hormones. It has been shown to lower inflammation in diabetics. Food sources: Liver, meats, potatoes, seafood, brewer’s yeast, broccoli.

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