9 trees that Satan mysteriously planted on Earth himself

9 trees that Satan mysteriously planted on Earth himself

9 trees that Satan mysteriously planted on Earth himself
Different from animals, plant can’t move. That’s why they have their own dangerous weapons. Many of them are compared to the assassins. Despite its bizarreness and horribleness, these plants have never appeared in any horror movies. Plants can’t move but they are even scarier than lots of animals. Let’s get started with 9 trees that Satan planted on Earth himself.
No. 1 Sheep-eating plant
Botanists from the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley in the English country of Surrey grew thorny trees called “sheep-eating plant” originating from Chile 15 years ago. Recently, this kind of tree has bloomed for the 1st time after 15 years. Puya chilensis has earned the nickname “sheep-eating plant” because it can snare and trap a sheep with its spines of the leaves.
2. White snakeroot
White Snakeroot or Eupatorium rugosum is Ageratina altissima grown in North America. Having beautiful white blossoms, White Snakeroot looks fragile and harmless but actually it’s very toxic. It’s even listed as one of the most toxic plant in the world by Prairiemoon.com. White Snakeroot mostly grow on the edge of forests and bloom in late summer. The white blossoms open into clusters on the top of flat branches with long, heart-shaped, serrated leaves.
3. The plant that makes you kill yourself
Pretty and non-toxic are features of many trees. While the others sound innocuous but they’re actually very scary and Gympie-gympie is one of them. Mostly grown in the Northeast of Australia and the Moluccas Islands, Indonesia, the Gympie-gympie with dark green leaves looks innocent like other plants at first glance.
4. Man chineel
Manchineel or Hippomane mancinella known as the most dangerous tree in the world, which’s grown in Caribe and Bahamas. They’re considered effective wave breakers for the sea. Manchineel has large canopy. A fully-grown one can hit 25m high. The tree’s fruits are round like apples whose skin turns green and yellow when it’s ripe.
5. Glaucophyta
Once the red tide occurs, there is nothing we can do to minimize its impact. The immense sea will die apart from some persevering snails. All the lives on this planet start from Glaucophyta – the first photosynthetic creature 2 billion years ago, when the earth is still full of rock and soil. Thanks to the presence of Glaucophyta, the oxygen’s released after solar power accumulated during the process of photosynthesis. Since then, the earth’s atmosphere became airy and fresh. It would be no exaggeration to say that Glaucophyta is the origin of life.

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