Arealer Heated Knee Massager for Muscle Pain Relief REVIEW

Arealer Heated Knee Massager for Muscle Pain Relief REVIEW

REVIEW of Arealer Heated Knee Massager for Muscle Pain Relief
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In this video review, we go over Heated Knee Massager by Arealer designed to provide heat or cold therapy along with soothing massage for muscle, Joint, and Arthritis pain relief. Here we talk about the features of this heated knee massager, pros and the cons of the massager, about the unique design & how it can help you to soothe painful muscles and Joints.

In the end, we bring testimonials from real users that use this product and show you what they have to say about the product. The experience they share with you is valuable while choosing electric knee massager for your personal use.

What Is Heat Therapy

This is how Wikipedia defines heat therapy. Heat therapy, also called THERMOTHERAPY, is the use of heat in therapy, such as for pain relief and health. It can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water bottle, ultrasound, heating pad, hydrocollator packs, whirlpool baths, cordless FIR heat therapy wraps.

What Are the BENEFITS of Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy can help by providing a warm, comforting sensation. A heating pad & light stretching combined, can ease the pain of muscle stiffness. Heat also helps increase blood flow throughout the body helps heal injuries faster and help relieve the pain you are feeling from an acute injury.

What Does Heat Therapy Do for Muscles?

Heat treatment promotes blood flow and helps muscles relax. Use for chronic pain. Alternating heat and cold may help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain. Never use extreme heat, and never put ice directly on the skin. Heat is most useful in warming up stiff or scarred soft tissues before stretching or exercise; heat may also be useful in relieving pain or spasm associated with neck or back injuries.

What Do You Use for Heat Therapy?

Moist heat, such as hot baths, steamed towels or moist heating packs can aid in the heat’s penetration into the muscles, and some people feel that moist heat provides better pain relief.

When Should You Use a Heating Pad?

Heat treatments should be used for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen tissues and to stimulate blood flow to the painful area. You can use heat treatments for conditions such as overuse injuries before participating in activities. But, you have to avoid use of heat treatments after activity, and do not use heat after an acute injury.

Should I Use Ice or Heat to Treat Painful Area?

As a general rule of thumb, use ice for acute injuries or pain, along with inflammation and swelling. Use heat for muscle pain or stiffness. Risks of heat: May increase swelling and inflammation; using heat for too long or at temperatures that are too high can cause burns.

What is Better for Muscles Heat or Ice?

Heat helps soothe stiff joints & relax muscles. Cold helps numb sharp pain & Reduce Inflammation. You can use temperature therapy to complement medications and self-care.

Is heat or ice better for a muscle knot?

Using a combination of heat & cold therapy can help to relieve pain and inflammation caused by muscle knots. Cold therapy is effective in helping to constrict the blood vessels, which helps reduce swelling. Heat therapy helps enhance blood circulation, and bring more blood to the injured muscle to help promote healing. To apply heat to the pain area, you can use a heating pad or take a warm bath.

What is the BEST Way Treat Tight Muscles?

You can treat muscle stiffness at home with rest, massage, and application of heat or cold. Heat, as already mentioned above, can work better for muscle tightness, while Cold may work better for reducing a swelling & inflammation. Options include hot and cold packs, heating pads, and heat therapy patches.

How Arealer Heated Knee Massager Can Help You

Massage + Heat Therapy can help speed up recovery and healing because of the obvious heating effect – promoting blood circulation. You can massage and enjoy another relaxation from heating.

IMPORTANT: Please do not touch the skin directly to avoid burns on the massaged area.

Sweatproof Design — The sweatproof design of Arealer Heated Knee Massager makes it easy to clean and eliminates the hassle of cleaning.

NOTE: Please do not wash the heat massager, it will cause damage to some parts. Wipe dry with a flannel if needed

Long battery life

The super-large capacity battery can provide you with longer use time and let you enjoy the pleasure of massage anytime, anywhere.

Watch the video review of Arealer Heated Knee Massager for Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, and Arthritis Pain Relief

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