Corona Virus Do this to boost your immune system to stay strong and healthy

Corona Virus Do this to boost your immune system to stay strong and healthy

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Women’s’ Transformational Health Coach Susanne McAllister talks about how to keep your immune strong to protect yourself from the dread of the coronavirus.

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Practical stuff:
1. wash your hands – avoid touching your face
2. wear a P2 facemask if need be and glasses
3. have some extra food at home so you can stay home and don’t have to run around the shops
4. have enough prescription medicine on hand
5. avoid big crowds if you can

energetic stuff:

send out positive/healing energy/prayers/mantras / whatever your thing is, instead of feeding into negativity and fear (good for your immune system and it works on a quantum healing level)

supplements that help:

1. Elderberry

2. Echinacea

3. Vitamin C / Zink

4. Mushroom Extracts with Astralgus (this is what I prescribe to my clients/ if in Australia I can set you up with this too, if not find an equivalent product in your country

5. CBD Oil Canntica use my discount code SM10OFF

Foods / Drinks

Drink 2 lt of filtered water (takes fluoride out and other impurities)

Focus on Fresh leafy greens and up your vegetable and fruit intake

Cut out processed food

Use the Daily Dozen free app to track the good foods and good habits

My specialty is to help women to balance weight and emotions naturally whilst transforming themselves into their best version possible to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life with boundless energy.

Reach out to me for a no-strings-attached chat.

I hope this helped you feel calmer and more confident 🙏🏻


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