Femoral Nerve Entrapment – Front of Thigh Numbness from Running – Huntington Beach

Femoral Nerve Entrapment – Front of Thigh Numbness from Running – Huntington Beach

Here’s some other reasons for this type of symptom pattern

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A femoral nerve entrapment can occur from overuse of the muscles surrounding the femoral nerve or can be something even more serious as an impingement of the nerve from the spine.

This video on a femoral nerve entrapment is intended to be instructional in a way where the normal athlete can palpate and feel their musculature before they actually go speak with a doctor. This video is not intended to help diagnose a femoral nerve entrapment, but rather to help educate the normal athlete.

You’ll notice in the video the femoral nerve passes through the anterior portion of the hip surrounded by the abductor, a hip flexor, and some of the more important structures like the artery and vein. When finding a femoral nerve entrapment it is important for people to feel boney landmarks as guides to figure out exactly which are feeling.

A femoral nerve entrapment will usually feel as if there’s numbness on the front part of the thigh, however this can travel down towards the leg as well. Typically runners will feel tightness of the hip or well before a femoral nerve entrapment begins, however it seems many of them will ignore the sign.

After Performance Place in Huntington Beach, we treat athletes with the athlete in mind. Many times athletes will feel they will not want to stop their training program unless it’s detrimental to their health. A femoral nerve entrapment is not life or death situation, but it is something they can become worse over time. There’s hardly any downtime when a femoral nerve entrapment is being treated effectively.

The methods we use our aggressive soft tissue treatments, such as Active Release Technique and Strength and Conditioning, on the muscles and tendons involved in a fermoral nerve entrapment. Typically femoral nerve entrapment’s are not quick to go away and can linger for upwards towards a few years without treatment.

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