Foods You Should Eat To Prevent and Reverse a Fatty Liver

Foods You Should Eat To Prevent and Reverse a Fatty Liver

Did you know that the Liver is the largest organ in the body? It has responsibilities from helping the body digest food, store energy to even removing poisons from it.

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1. Fish: 01:07
2. Garlic: 01:31
3. Coffee: 01:53
4. Green vegetables: 02:28
5. Green Tea: 03:03
6. Walnuts: 03:25
7. Avocado: 03:55
8. Tofu: 04:31
9. Alcohol: 05:18
10. Meat: 05:44
11. Sugar: 06:08
12. Eggs: 06:37
13. Fried and Greasy foods: 06:59
14. White processed flour and starch: 07:26
15. Excessive fruits: 07:54


The good news is, changing your diet can help prevent or reverse liver damage considerably. Here are the foods that will help a lot with the Fatty liver repair.

Fish: Fish such as Salmon, Sardine, Tuna and Trout are lean and protein rich in Omega 3s. This helps break down the accumulated fat in the liver cells and reduces inflammation. So, for your protein intake needs, switch from meat to fish and avoid the fats and skins of meat and poultry.

Garlic: According to a study having garlic helps the body produce and release enzymes that flush out toxins from the liver. Garlic is a sulfur and antioxidant rich food which helps cleanse and heal the liver. Although it may not sound too appealing, you can eat garlic raw or for the full effect or just add more of it into your food.

Coffee: Yes, you heard that right! We said coffee. Coffee has properties which help remove the enzymes that cause harm to the liver cells. It’s also been known to lower the amount of abnormal liver enzymes in people at risk for liver diseases. A result of a study analyzing 2,500 people found that drinking at least three cups of coffee daily was “significantly associated” with less scarring of the liver. So go ahead and grab your cup of coffee, just try to avoid adding any sugar to it.

For more foods on the list, watch the video until the very end!
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