Homeopathic/Natural Medicine vs Surgery and Big Pharmacy – My Opinion

Homeopathic/Natural Medicine vs Surgery and Big Pharmacy – My Opinion

In this video, I discuss the viability of homeopathic aka natural medicine. These techniques are often very old and many originated in Asia. A lot of people are skeptical about these practices – acupuncture being one of them, and call it “quack medicine” and similar accusations. I, however, do not believe this. A lot of it has good scientific backing. Mainstream society has not accepted much of the natural medicine approach and insurance companies do not even cover treatment using this. However, I think in the future this will change as more evidence comes forward. I personally know people who have had success with natural medicine. A lot of it is mental and some of it is vitamins and supplements. I am still new to a lot of the concepts, so I’m not an expert, but in my opinion, natural medicine is legitimate. My mom had great success when she sought help from natural medicine for back issues including a herniated disc and several issues relating to high blood pressure, bad hormonal balance, and bad adrenal balance in her body relating to caffeine abuse. Natural medicine cured her of all of these things including things I haven’t listed. She would not lie to me and is so convinced of the doctor she uses that she will be paying for my fiance Anna to seek treatment for her back issues with her homeopathic doctor.

I believe homeopathic medicine should be the first choice to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, low energy, depression, joint pain, arthritis, back problems, adrenal fatigue issues, hormonal imbalances, acne, chronic pain, regular indigestion issues, chronic headaches, etc. Of course, traditional western medicine including surgery is a nice backup plan and entirely necessary for some things like getting a pacemaker, organ transplants, etc. But many of the examples I just listed will just get you a prescription and nothing more for some painkillers or whatever from a normal “MD” and nothing to address the core problem – no actual healing! Natural medicine looks to correct your body and have your body HEAL you. Traditional western medicine often looks to just numb pain or alleviate symptoms with no actual healing. In fact, I am convinced that big pharmaceutical companies are corrupt and issue medicine that will maintain illness but just numb you and keep you dependent on it! Painkillers, ADHD pills, anti-depressants, etc are a multi-billion or perhaps even trillion dollar industry and like any industry, is filled with corruption. Even pharmaceutical reps are corrupt and treat doctors to steak dinners and vacations in exchange for “pushing” their drugs on patients. I know this through second hand information through very reliable sources that I trust – not just movies. So I beg of people to be open minded to natural medicine and give it a go. Some day, if/when I get sick and have body issues, I will seek help through natural medicine first.

Note: in addition to corruption in big pharmacy, there is a lot of incompetence and mistakes made by western doctors. They do everything from misdiagnosis and wrong medications, conflicting medications, to leaving surgical utensils inside your body and sewing you back up that way. They are often very incompetent and this is why they have such huge malpractice insurance because of all the lawsuits their incompetence leads to…

Another note: many surgeries come with complications as do many drugs. Many side effects result and even relapses and more problems can occur as a domino effect. Natural medicine is usually safer and less intrusive.




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