How to Self Correct a High Hip with the Backloop Exercises

How to Self Correct a High Hip with the Backloop Exercises Our invention, the Backloop is a truly portable spinal decompression device. It focuses on the discs in your spine which is where the most back pain and dysfunction start. Prevention is the key in today’s healthcare environment and the Backloop allows you to prevent spinal degeneration from even starting because it induces motion into the spine and its discs.

The Backloop improves posture, flexibility and decreases and stops pain. It is also particularly effective at targeting disc protrusions and herniations. Sitting all day at work compresses your spine and sets the stage for degeneration, pain and disc herniations. The Backloop is far superior to an inversion table and is a very portable and easy to travel with. Don’t leave home without it.

It even helps athletes – jump higher, run faster or just hit the golfball or baseball farther, whatever is important to you. Just being able to engage and enjoy life pain free makes the Backloop a great investment. Less expensive that an inversion table and far more functional; get your life back with the Backloop.

About 40 of our patients participated in the pre-market trials, with outstanding results. All participants have reduced the frequency of their chiropractic care and are very pleased with the benefits and freedom the Backloop has given them.

A series of outstanding self corrections and exercises videos are now posted to help you remain or stay pain free. These exercises are centered around The Backloop and walking correctly and will be particularly beneficial for individuals who do want to do preventative and proactive therapy in the comfort of there own home.

Most medical offices charge between $50-$85 for a single spinal decompression treatment where with the Backloop, its pay once and treat forever. Everyone, regardless of their condition will benefit from the Backloop. Take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee and change your life for the better.

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