Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Managing Back Pain During Pregnancy

Whether it’s old pain or new pain, physical therapist Patricia Curr says it’s important to have your back examined if it’s causing you pain during pregnancy. “They are debilitated when they can’t function daily, when they’re trying to care take for their children, doing their daily actives, if back pain interferes with that, then they need to see a physical therapist.”

Curr works with women to help ease their pain during pregnancy. “Your ligaments get very laxed when you’re pregnant and as the pregnancy goes on, those hormones are changing so if you don’t take care of it now and get strong you could really end up with a lot of pain.”

Patients will often experience pain when they sleep, bend over, or walk. While the pain often goes away after delivery, physical therapists can give pregnant moms exercises to ease the pain. “A lot of times it’s stability in their pelvis and their back. Stability comes with core strengthening. There are plenty of exercises we can do for core stabilization, for strengthening the pelvis and hips because that’s where the weight is,” said Curr.

There is also a list of exercises pregnant mothers should avoid. “Since everything is very unstable. You have to be careful with big movements, big leg movements. Running, or reaching, and sometimes something as big as a lunge can throw the whole pelvis off and create some issues and some pain,” said Curr.

Knowing your limits and doing helpful exercises can help pregnant mothers manage and decrease their back pain.

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