mootu vali marunthu in tamil _solution for joint pain, knee pain in tamil |Ayuveda Health Tamil

mootu vali marunthu in tamil _solution for joint pain, knee pain in tamil  |Ayuveda Health Tamil

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In this video we are showing, How to cure with out tablet and medicine for Permanent cure of mootu vali (மூட்டு வலி தமிழ் மருத்துவம்) how to cure மூட்டு வலி naturally (இயற்கை மருத்துவம் ), treatment at home remedy in tamil, know about our human health system it’s simple natural way in Tamil at home remedies and how to manage our food diet, (மூட்டு வலி tamil, mootu vali food, Permanent cure mootu vali) is very simple to cure intially don’t think surgery it’s not a solution, think how it came, once we find the issue will solve the problem without medicine.
Mrs. Rajarajeshwari Rajasekar, Advanced foot reflexology practitioner, will explain the all disease to cure without medicine in Tamil and what are the foods to help our daily life, how to treat it in a natural way by simply following natural food diet.
Have a safe, healthy, and happy living!
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