PEMF For Joint Pain – Magna Wave PEMF Review Video

PEMF For Joint Pain – Magna Wave PEMF Review Video

PEMF For Joint Pain – Magna Wave PEMF Review Video

PEMF for Joint Pain
PEMF therapy is used in the treatment of many injuries, ailments, and afflictions for both animals and humans. Clients often use it for its therapeutic effect on muscle and joint pain. Maladies such as disorientation, depression, pain, loss of function, and arthritis improve over time with the help of PEMF. These symptoms can lead to poor quality of life for individuals who suffer from them. Treatments promote overall well-being and help the body’s natural healing process expand and accelerate, giving patients a sense of relief and daily revitalization.

The surface of the earth has a naturally electric charge and contains an unbounded supply of free, mobile electrons. Our bodies are connected to the earth’s magnetic field on a cellular level and the free negative electrons emitted from the earth help our body regulate its normal functions, such as regulating our biological clock. Over time, outside factors such as air pollution and increased exposure to waves produced by modern technology have thrown our connection to the earth’s magnetic field off balance. PEMF therapy helps to restore that balance by displacing ions and normalizing membrane potential, blood flow and blood oxygenation.
Chiropractors use PEMF therapy to help patients with chronic pain. For many middle-aged or elderly individuals, joint pain is part of their daily lives. PEMF therapy helps to diminish that pain and the results are immediate. After several treatments, the benefits of PEMF treatments improve and continuously aid the body’s natural healing process. PEMF is used to alleviate joint pain, increase energy and activity levels, and to prevent the progression of any damage done to joints.

PEMF therapy has been proven to be safe and effective when used therapeutically on bones, cartilage, and muscles. Many clients use PEMF therapy as an alternative to pain medication because it is safe, natural and effective. Pain medication tends to have multiple harmful side effects while PEMF therapy has no side effects. The only clients who are advised against seeking PEMF treatment are people who are pregnant or have an internal electronic device.

PEMF therapy is currently FDA-approved for depression, non-union fractures and involuntary contingency with three studies currently being conducted for final approval. The benefits these treatments offer are limitless. It improves overall health physically, mentally, internally and externally. Clients notice immediate relief after their first treatment and benefit from the preparation of nerve
damage after weeks of consistent therapy sessions. PEMF treatments typically last between 20-30 minutes depending on the needs and preference of the patient. Patients with joint pain from injuries or natural physical ailments will notice their pain lessen over time, particularly with the continued use of PEMF therapy.

What is PEMF?
Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is a restorative form of therapy that promotes cellular regrowth. PEMF therapists use magnetic waves of energy to help rehabilitate the overall health of humans, horses and small animals.
PEMF therapy is used to treat numerous medical issues. It helps to reduce the effect of stress and environmental factors that commonly lead to energy loss and other ailments. Benefits include energy rejuvenation, better circulation, injury repair and a general decrease in pain and swelling. The normal length of PEMF treatment sessions is between 20 to 30 minutes but may vary depending on the patient. Results are immediate and improve over time with regular treatments.

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