Pregnancy Exercise For Sore Heels

Pregnancy Exercise For Sore Heels

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This exercise helps to alleviate the soreness in heels or soles due to standing for long hours, growing weight or due to fluid retention.

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Foot Rolls:

During pregnancy women may suffer from pain in the heels due to:

• Standing for long hours
• Growing weight
• Fluid retention


• This exercise helps alleviate soreness in heels & soles

Exercise Technique:

You will need-
• a smooth 1 L plastic bottle filled with water at room temperature
• chair with good back support allowing your feet to touch the ground

1. Sit down on the chair
2. Place the bottle in the arch of your feet
3. Roll the bottle forward and backward
4. You can do as many repetitions as you like
5. Try doing this for about 5 min

Warning signs:

• Pain in the vagina, pelvis, or groin
• Abdominal discomfort
• Shortness of breath
• Leakage or bleeding from the vagina
• Dizziness
• Exceptional fetal activity


• Foot rolls can be done at the workplace
• Women advised bed rest should not do this exercise
• Wear comfortable clothes
• Wear supportive shoes
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