SSA’s “Listings of Impairments:” Fast Approval for Your Claim

SSA’s “Listings of Impairments:” Fast Approval for Your Claim

Social Security recognizes that some medical conditions are so serious and debilitating that you qualify for disability (i.e., you cannot work any more) automatically.

These serious medical conditions are set out in the SSA Blue Book as the Listings of Impairments.

The Blue Book contains 14 sections – each describing a body system – including such things as the musculoskeletal system (Listing 1), the cardiovascular system (Listing 4), neurological disorders (Listing 11), etc.

In this video I explain how I use the Listings to identify cases that might be appropriate for an early approval. Not every case meets a listing, but I see plenty of listing level cases that fall through the cracks because the claimant does not know how to give SSA what it needs to issue an approval.

Many deserving cases are not listing level, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see an applicable listing for your medical problem. Still, it makes sense to look at the listings to see if you qualify.

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