Traditional Chinese Medical Massage Techniques & How to Burning Fat (Link in the Description)

Traditional Chinese Medical Massage Techniques & How to Burning Fat (Link in the Description)

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fire is one of the elements of nature (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) and also of our body. Immediately after the body stops breathing (in death) the heat leaves our body. Heat /fire /oxygen /temperature keep the body physiologically active, driving all biochemical reactions and helping in the purification of mind and body. Heat is what propels physical movement within the body. In a heated area, increased blood flow carries more nutrients and supplements to the body, while simultaneously removing waste and toxins. Fire therapy plays a very importance role in improving lymphatic circulation and strengthening immune function to defend against disease-causing organisms, thereby providing detoxification for mind and body. The Fire Therapy procedure consists of the application of herbal products (with a specific formula for each condition under treatment) on the area of the affected organ. The area is covered with a towel soaked in alcohol which is then lit. The heat produced by the burning of the alcohol is easily borne by the patient. The procedure can be ceased if the patient feels any form of discomfort. The vasodilation effect produced by the fire accelerates the local blood circulation and metabolism. Thus, the curing substances of the herbs will be carried directly to the affected organ which will provide an immediate response at the local level. The efficacy of the procedure has been clinically shown to be especially effective in cases of spinal diseases/disorders. Fire Therapy is often used for patients with chronic pain conditions, functional disorders, or a variety of stress related illnesses. It helps ease the symptoms of indigestion, low metabolism, low temperature, melancholy, pain, stress, tension, insomnia, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stomach distension, diarrhea, vertigo, hiatal hernia, benign tumors, joint pain, arthritis, bone deformation, joint inflammation, menopausal syndrome and nerve inflammation (sciatic nerve, neurological disorders, etc.). In short, fire therapy is good for diseases caused by the excess condition of phlegm as well as Yang deficiency. Abdominal Fire Therapy #Massage #music #asmr #abdominal #burningfat #chinesemassage
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