Tree Hug Therapy by Nadipathy-Kakinada

Tree Hug Therapy by Nadipathy-Kakinada

Nadipathy healing by using ancient method s of divine trees get instant relief for many incurable ailments.

Nadipathy Trees Treatment

Dr.Krishnam Raju, Nadipathy,kakinada Tuesday is great day we experienced a beautiful sunrise in this winter with a warm reception given by kakinada.

. . He diagnoses the Nadi of the patient to know the root cause of disease. It is fully integrated with the new health system. Using Nadipathy techniques Dr.krishnam raju has cured many patients suffering from paralysis, thyroid, diabetes, heart problems, gynic problems, gastric problems, arthritis, eye problems, nervous problems, ear problems, lungs problems, liver problems, kidney stones and chronic problems, height, immune problems, intestinal problems, constipation, insomnia, sciatica, dental pain, knee pains… We are using 100 ancient therapies such as acupressure, acupressure, marma therapy, Vedic therapy, naturopathy, magnet therapy, seed therapy, nutritional therapy, Leech therapy we are giving medicine – less treatment to cure any disease. “After going through several ancient systems of Indian alternative medicine preached in ancient scripts we experimented and found these techniques to be effective giving stress – free, conscious cleansing, and detoxifying body and mind for patients”. It rejuvenates the body organs and increase longevity says Dr. Krishnam raju.

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Nadipathy – World’s First Therapeutic Treatment
Nadipathy – An Ancient Indian Technique and Holistic Treatment without any Medicines.
More than 100 ancient therapies
NO Medicine | NO X-Ray | NO Scanning | NO Surgery | NO Side Effects
Eco-Friendly | Detoxification | Increases the longevity | A Great Rejuvenation

Nadipathy treatment methods:
Diagnosis plays a major role by finding the root cause of the disease @ Nadipathy. The ancient diagnosis is used by examining the patient’s pulse along with other diagnose methods. Curing Physical body by treating subtle body.

Finding Root cause by Nadipathy:
We at Nadipathy, find the root cause of the ailment. Nadipathy finds past, present and future ailments of the body and can treat the body by not affecting with the future ailments. Yes! We can Prevent the future ailments.

Nadipathy – Detoxification, Rejuvenation and longevity:
Nadipathy detoxifies the body so that the accumulated toxins would be removed with different ancient therapies. A great rejuvenation for the body that increases the longevity.

Nadipathy deals with many chronic diseases like:
Increasing Height | Thyroid | Diabetic | Paralysis | Eye problems | Liver Diseases Cancer | L4-L5 issues | Cervical Spondylitis and all Spinal Cord Problems Digestive Disorders | Kidney Failure / Kidney Stones | Migraine / Headache Heart | Lungs | Gall Bladder | Skin Diseases | Hair Problems | Cosmetic | Asthma | Body Pains | Neurological Disorders | Psychiatric Disorders Menstrual / Gynec Problems | Brain Problems / Gastric Problems… and many more.

Nadipathy treatment duration?
Depending on the severity, the ailment would be cured within days only!!

Nadipathy Centers:
Global Center:
Acupressure Health Care Center
NADIPATHY, Sri Peetam Street
Behind : Bank of Baroda,
Ramanayya peta, Kakinada, E.G.Dt, AP
Ph: 0884-2372345, Mobile: 8885011326/323

Vydehi Nagar, Vanasthalipuram,
Opp: Sri Indu PG College, Hyderabad
Ph: 040-24242345, Mobile: 8885011321 /322 /324

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