Webinar: Stem Cell Exosomes for Joints

Webinar: Stem Cell Exosomes for Joints

Most health problems are preventable! The reason we get sick or have aches and pains is because our bodies become toxic – either from nutrients we consume or elements in nature we are exposed to. Degenerative joint disease is commonly caused by the joints simply carrying too much weight. The human body was created with amazing restorative, healing and regenerative powers that we can tap into naturally! Hotze Health & Wellness Center is proud to introduce the cutting-edge technology of Stem Cell Exosome Therapy!

Stem cells are pluripotent – meaning they can convert to an any cell in the body. An injury promotes stem cells to secrete exosomes, which communicate restorative and regenerative powers to the affected cells. Exosomes, which are harvested from stems cells, can be delivered intravenously or injected directly into the injured/painful area. Most physicians will prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to treat painful joints. These drugs are helpful in reducing the inflammation, but don’t repair the joint. They also introduce more toxins into the body and have harmful side effects. Exosomes stimulate your own tissues to regenerate and rebuild the cartilage in your joints, often preventing joint replacement surgery! Don’t replace your joints, regenerate them with stem cell exosome therapy!

Regain and maintain health & wellness naturally so we can enjoy life as we mature.



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